Knabix Host

We aim to provide the highest quality of products.

Our Promise

Why choose us? Because we offer…


Gigabit Port

All our services are hosted via an unmetered gigabit network for minimal latency. Do your daily task without stutter!


Intel Processors

We use the latest Intel processors across all our nodes to ensure quality performance.


Quick Setup

Upon receiving your payment, your order will be automatically provisioned. This process is nearly instant which means you are ready to get started with your server or website in no time.


Spectacular Support

We are always on the clock to help troubleshoot any issues you may encounter. You can check out our knowledgebase for common issues, live chat with an agent, or submit a ticket. With many means of contact, you will never be lost.



We do our best to deliver high-quality services to you without having to spend an outrageous amount of money. We also offer big discounts with orders with a billing period of quarterly and longer.



You get to edit every aspect of your service and aren't limited in any way. You get full FTP access and can upgrade or downgrade your service without any restrictions. Need a custom plan? Contact our Pre-Sales team.

Customer Reviews

Not convinced? You shouldn’t be!


Bought a two web hosts from them both different plans, and they run smoothly, the Co-Founder, and the Founder were amazingly nice, and were amazing at fixing the problems that I fixed, going to buy more things soon from this host! I recommend it to anyone!


Great service! Cheap and Ultra Fast! I really enjoyed the amazing experience at Knabix! I will purchase more products from them in the future.


I love Knabix Host. Making support and products, because it is really fast and the support is really nice and handles my problems well. I would recommend this host to anyone that would need it because of the quality involved.